KipperTie Revolva Filter Slot Blanking Plate

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A high quality 3D printed part designed for the KipperTie Revolva system. This part fits snugly into the slot where the filter cartridges fit and allows you to pack your camera down without fear of dust or debris getting into your Revolva and onto the sensor, without leaving your filter wheels fitted and open to damage that may occure in transport. It also has cuttouts at the correct depths for testing lenses on your Revolva without hitting the back element on your filter wheel, if it fits with this blanking plate in you can be sure it will fit with your filter in. (bear in mind that if the rear element of the lens protudes into the cutout itself then removal of the plate while the lens is fitted could cause damage)
These are available in White Nylon or Onyx (Micro carbon fiber filled Nylon)